Com-Steel LLC has its roots deep in Whatcom County, Washington. After retiring from Anvil Corporation in 1990 Doug Smith and his wife Maralee started designing and permitting commercial and industrial buildings as Com-Steel, Inc. For five years, Com-Steel, Inc. teamed up with Jack Laird Construction, a well-known local contractor, to provide construction services until their formal partnership as Com-Steel, LLC in 1995. In 1997, after years of consistent growth, Doug and Jack introduced a second generation of ownership including Doug’s daughter Sara Brown and Jack’s son Ric Wilson. With the retirement of Jack in 2002 and Doug in 2004, the second generation took over the leadership of the Company.  In the years since, service and quality with expertise have continued to be our goals in every project.

In 2020, Com-Steel, LLC again expanded the ownership group with the addition of Nick Lange. Nick joined Com-Steel, LLC in 1996. He is a WABO certified welder, field construction leader and has the innate ability to fix just about anything.


Andy Kammenga – Project Manager

Bob Klar – Project Manager

Nick Lange – Superintendent

Ric Wilson – Construction Manager

Sara Brown – Controller